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Xiao Yao Tang – Softens the Liver, regulates Liver Qi, nourishes blood, strengthens the Spleen, harmonises the Liver and Spleen.

Regulates the hormones that influence the menstrual cycle, relieves depression and emotional stress.

Can be used to assist in the treatment of chronic upper back and neck pain, depression, tension headaches, migraine, PMS, breast tenderness and lumps, fibrocystic breast disease, insomnia, chronic hepatitis, anaemia, dysmenorrhea, P.I.D., and constipation.

With the appropriate identifying features this tea may be used for irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, chronic tension in the gastrointestinal system, biliary spasm, chronic hepatitis, early stages of liver cirrhosis, neurasthenia, bruxism, and globus hystericus (plumstone throat).

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