Scarless Healer – Purple Cloud Cream


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Also known as Shiunko, this herbal cream is a versatile product to use on the skin. Originally formulated to help heal trauma to the skin. This ointment helps regenerate flesh, increases blood circulation to the local area, and minimises scar tissue forming.

It can also be used to treat cold hands and feet, cracked heels, haemorrhoids, insect bites, dermatitis and eczema, rashes, burns, and post surgical healing.

This is a 60ml jar of an almost miraculous ointment to keep in the home medicine kit!

Guaranteed Quality and Experience – all of our herbs are from one of two highly regarded and certified companies.
Ko Da Herbs by Ko Da Pharmaceutical Company, is the number one and most trusted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brand in Taiwan. It is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and the first TCM company to be ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS.
Obay Herbs by Sichuan New Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Stock Co., Ltd, one of only six authorised companies in China authorised by the State Food and Drug Administration to manufacture granules. It is also the only company in China to own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified farms, in conjunction with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production standards to ensure the quality of granules, from cultivation right through to processing.
All of our formulas are put together by our Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) registered acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, who has experience in the industry since 1999.

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